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Kayaks on the Nida River

Kayaking trip
on Biała Nida and Nida

Biała Nida and Pilica

Wiosłem, wiosłem ją dobijcie! – czyli nasz kajakowy pierwszy raz

Zaczynając od marzeń – o zachodzie słońca nad rzeką, delikatnym plusku wody i stuku wioseł o burty kajaka, o iskrach strzelających z ogniska wysoko do nocnego nieba – narażasz się na brutalne zderzenie z rzeczywistością…

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The nature
Start on the Biała Nida River – 4-days kayaking trip

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Which kayak trip should I choose?

A guided or individual kayak trip? In recent years kayaking has become more popular as it is a cheap form of active tourism. Many companies that provide both fully guided kayak trips and kayak rentals have been established. Each of these companies determines its package of services under a specific name. Below is an overview […]

Kayaking with kids: what to bring, how to get ready, what to expect

Kayaking tourism is getting increasingly popular and more and more people want to try to spend their free time in this way. At the same time many of them want to spend their time with their kids. Adults often take the approach “we’ll go and see”, but when they’re planning to go with their kids, […]

10 mistakes made during kayak trips and how to avoid them

Lack of skills and knowledge about kayaking When choosing a kayak trip for holidays or even for a weekend, we should keep in mind that although lowland kayaking is not an extreme sport, at least one person in our group should have some basic knowledge about kayaking. The most important issues are: how to paddle […]

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