Before booking

How to book?

  • Get acquainted with „The Rules of One-day kayaking trip”
  • Send reservation via the booking form
    Attention! The trip may be booked via the form till 6 p.m. the day before the trip, the latest. Reservations send later will not be answered.
  • Wait for the confirmation of your reservation – it usually takes no longer than one week day.
  • After we confirm your reservation,  please transfer 40 zlotys advance per kayak to:

P.T. Anita Górecka

Rakowska 29

28-300 Jędrzejów

PL29 1140 2004 0000 3702 8340 3816


SORT CODE- 11402004

(in the transfer description, please write your full name, date and the number of kayaks you are booking)

  • Right before getting your kayaks you should sign the rental card and pay the rest of the money

We guarantee the availability of the equipment in order of the payments – first paid, first served 😉 – the number of the kayaks is strictly limited!

May I book the trip last minute?

It is a Saturday morning and you’ve just had an idea to paddle a bit? You can try to book the equipment on the phone although we can’t guarantee that we still have kayaks available

Can I kayak with children?

Of course. Each kid gets a life jacket designed for children. A small child can be a third person in a kayak for free – we provide a special seat. Children older than 5 should although sit on the front seat and kayak with an adult person. For safety reasons there should never be two children and only one adult in one boat. About kayaking with children read more on our blog.

Can I kayak alone in a tandem kayak?

Of course. In a tandem kayak you paddle similarly to a single boat. You sit on the back seat.

How to prepare, what to pack?

For a shot kayaking trip you should take: appropriate shoesclothing suitable for the weather , a bottle of water, a sandwich, a mobile phone with a fully charged battery, sunglasses, a hat, a sunscreen.

What if it is raining?

In extreme situations (very low temperature, flood, e.t.c)the trips are being cancelled and the advances are transferred back. Although, a summer rain is not a cause for cancellation. Remember: „There is not such thing as bad weather, there are just badly dressed kayakers” 😉

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