How to book?

  • wait for confirmation of your reservation (we try to stay up to date, usually it doesn’t take longer than a weekday)
  • pay 90 pln advance per person:P.T. Anita Górecka
    ul. Rakowska 29
    28-300 Jędrzejów

PL50 1020 5558 1111 1472 8560 0019


Type in the symbol of the trip, the date, names of participants for whom you’re paying, as a payment designation.  In case you’re paying for a large group of people, please type in „group” and put in the name of the applicant

The booking depends on the order of payments!!! – Please book early, we have limited capacity.

  • Pay the rest of the fee 3 days before the trip at the latest or pay at the spot (on the first day of the trip)
  • Sign the contract on the spot before the trip

What to take with you?

  • A tent (the cost of  renting a double tent is 40 pln – you need to make a reservation beforehand), a sleeping bag, a sleeping mat
  • Sandals or other shoes you can use in water, sunglasses, sunscreen
  • A hat, a trunk, a swim-suit
  • A torch, a penknife, a fork, a mess tin, a cup
  • Food & beverages
  • appropriate clothing (warm fleece jacket, waterproof jacket)
  • sports shoes – to be used on the campsite
  • a mosquito repellent
  • the confirmation of the payment for the trip
  • cash
  • musical instruments

Why are our kayaking trips worth joining?

  • Our rivers are as beautiful as the most popular kayaking routes in Poland but aren’t as crowded and only our groups of kayakers stay on our campsites
  • We are much closer to Cracow or Silesia than Augustów and in the South of Poland our offer is the only one
  • we don’t hire random people, our crew consists of extremely experienced kayakers who are experts in leading groups on such trips
  • we are a TRAVEL AGENCY so we have entered the Register of Tour Operators and Tour Intermediaries, Certificate No. 86/10, the authority that made this entry is the Marshal of the Świętokrzyskie Province. You can also check that in the Main Register of Tour Operators under no. 5251.
  • we also have an insurance guaranty AXA Towarzystwo Ubezpieczeń i Reasekuracji
  • we are distinguished by knowledge, experience and passion
  • we are kayakers ourselves so what we do, we do well

What do our instructors do during the kayaking trip?

  • inform the group about the logistics and topography
  • conduct the training before launching out and a short briefing before each stage
  • start and close the formation of the boats
  • show how to avoid obstacles, decide about breaks, give advice
  • react in emergencies but don’t rush and don’t stress

What will you learn during the training?

  • how to choose your kayaking partner and who should sit astern
  • how to get into the kayak
  • how to hold the paddle, how to paddle and turn
  • what „reading the water” means
  • how to surmount the obstacles on the river (submerged or partly submerged bars, tree trunks etc.) and above water (e.g. fallen tree)
  • what to do when you capsize
  • what the formation is and why you shouldn’t overtake the instructor
  • why the first aid kit is in the last kayak
  • why we do not kayak over artificial bars
  • what the whole route looks like
  • how to take care of the equipment and clean the boat
  • that before and during kayaking we do not drink alcohol, on the river we always are sober

Will I rub along?

We offer flat water kayaking which is safe, easy and a bit lazy 😉 moving along the river in a very stabile, touristic boat. All the kayakers take part in a trip along with kayaking instructors. Everybody attends a short training and a safety briefing beforehand and is equipped with buoyancy jackets. Some of the participants have never kayak before. Average fitness and a bit of willingness are enough to start the trip. To start with, we suggest to choose an easier route, e.g. Pilica River or Biała Nida River.

Who comes to join our kayaking trips?

Our kayakers are 30 years old on average. They are students, ex – students who want to restore their hobby or even whole families. They know what to expect choosing such a leisure activity, close to nature. They often also hike or sail and stay active during the year. To sum up, we host many interesting people.

Can I come alone?

Of course. Many singles decide to come on their own. During a kayaking trip it’s really easy to make new friends. There’s always a kayaking partner for everybody, even one of our instructors.

I haven’t got a kayaking partner, who am I going to kayak with?

Usually, on our kayaking trips,  there are some other single people who you can pair up with. The instructors help with pairing single crew members up. If you have some experience and you willing to kayak alone in a boat, it is possible if we have enough kayaks. Every child should have an adult guardian who it kayaks with.

A child on a kayaking trip?

The only necessary condition is that a child must sit in a kayak with one of the parents or with an adult guardian who is responsible for the kid during the whole trip. Questions you may ask yourself and your child before the trip are: „Won’t you/ it be bored? Won’t you/ it miss your/its comfortable bed? Won’t you/ it moan? etc. You also need to remember that a kayak is a different type of boat than a canoe and a child can’t sit on the bottom but a bit further from you on the front seat. We strongly recommend reading some of our blog entries describing kayaking with kids, it’ll be of help for sure.

What if I haven’t got the tent?

You can hire one from us. Check: hire. Please let us know in advance.

How to get to the venue and what time should we be there?

You’ll find the information about the meeting point at the bottom of the website describing your trip. Additionally we send an e mail with gps coordinates and a detailed description to every applicant. We can also pick you up from the railway station in Jędrzejów but we need to know that in advance. There’s no set time of arrival, the first day is a camping day and participants come at different times convenient for them. It’s good to arrive before dark as it’s much easier to put up a tent by daylight. Please call us in case of any troubles finding the venue.

What will I eat?

Please bring your own food and beverages. We provide only the treats described in the plan of the trip (e.g. some sausage on the second evening of a weekend trip) On every camp-site you may use a cooker, a kettle and some drinking water. The crew will inform you about a possibility of shopping for groceries in nearby villages. More about food during our kayaking trips you can read in our blog

What if it’s raining?

In some extreme cases (very low temperature, flood e.t.c.) the trips can be cancelled. Although a summer shower is not a weather disaster. In that case we can launch out a bit later than planned or shorten the daily distance if it’s possible but the trip is on. We can’t postpone to the following week as we already have another group booked for it.

Some additional advice and requests

  • if you camp with kids, don’t put up the tent right next to the campfire place – it might get loud in the evening
  • smile to anglers – another kayaker might be a bit annoying for them
  • according to Polish law, we can enter any land alongshore rivers but please respect the privacy of the people who live there
  • don’t worry about the things you can’t change, you are here to relax
  • be careful, too much sunlight may be dangerous – remember about sunscreen, hats, sunglasses and drinking water
  • water shoes or sandals are essential, they’ll protect your feet from cuts and scratches- flip flops aren’t suitable – they usually float away 😉
  • be sober, don’t kayak alone or at night, don’t kayak over artificial bars
  • let’s help each other on the campsite as well as on the river
  • we care about the environment so please compress all the rubbish and throw it into the bag on the campsite
  • if you feel like taking money, a mobile phone, a camera, any other electronic devices or valuable stuff on a kayak, please make sure they are properly wrapped (waterproof, floating bags or cases)

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