Liswarta is 93 km long left tributary of the Warta River. In its lower part sit flows through kłobucki district in the north part of śląskie voivodeship. This part of the river is an extraordinarily beautiful kayaking route rich in numerous meanders and pine woods. There are also interesting mills and bridges to sightsee. The route isn’t very popular yet, which guarantees  you’ll find peace and quiet on the river. Lower Liswarta is too short for a longer trip but luckily you can continue kayaking on the Warta River. A piece of Warta after Liswarta tributary is also a beautiful kayaking route.

Liswarta kayaking route

You can start the trip from Krzepice, on the right bank, opposite the mill. In that case, you’ll need two days to reach Warta river after 32 km of paddling. However, the best place to start the trip is a bit further, in Danków because after leaving Krzepice you would have to surmount a few bars. You will paddle through a curvy river bed, watching picturesque landscapes and lush flora. We recommend starting a trip in Danków because of low costs of transport, a car park and a campsite.  For a one-day trip you can choose the route Zawady – Wąsosz.

The distance

32,0 km Krzepice. Start below the bridge (r), in front of the mill. A few bars on the way to Danków
25,4 km Danków, a bridge. The beginning of the most beautiful part of Liswarta
23,8 km (r) Troniny. A mill.
22,0 km (l) Rębielice Szlacheckie. We go right and then portage (r)
14,8 km Zawady, a bridge. 200m further - good place for a break. 200 m (r)
12,0 km a very interesting railway bridge
9,6 km (r) Suchany, after a few rapids, (r) a pretty spot for camping
1,5 km a road bridge
0,0km (l) Kule village, the estuary to Warta river. Right next to the estuary reaching the river is difficult. 3 km further in Wąsosz Górny there is a convenient spot to pick up kayaks
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