Warta is the third longest river i Poland – 808 km. Its sources are located in the suburbs of Zawiercie on Krakowsko – Częstochowska Upland. It flows through Częstochowa, Sieradz, Konin and joins Odra in Kostrzyn. In its lower parts it is so wide and deep that it’s suitable for cargo and passengers ships. Upper part of Warta River, north from Częstochowa, is a beautiful kayaking route. We offer kayaking trips from Mstów to Jeziorsko. The lenght of this route is 190km. Behind Działoszyn Warta flows through The Załęczkański Landscape Park and The Landscape Park of Warta and Widawka. The beginning of the trip is also possible on Warta’s left tributary – Liswarta.

Warta kayaking route

The most beautiful part starts behind Działoszyn. It is called Załęczański Łuk Warty. It is really picturesque and very easy. There are plenty of small islands, curves and oxbow lakes.On the river banks you’ll find forests, scarps, ravines, caves and outliers. It is protected as  Załęczański Landscape Park. Below you’ll find the most interesting part of Warta’s kayaking route which combined with Liswarta is a great choice for a kayaking holidays.

The distance

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