Warta is the third longest river i Poland – 808 km. Its sources are located in the suburbs of Zawiercie on Krakowsko – Częstochowska Upland. It flows through Częstochowa, Sieradz, Konin and joins Odra in Kostrzyn. In its lower parts it is so wide and deep that it’s suitable for cargo and passengers ships. Upper part of Warta River, north from Częstochowa, is a beautiful kayaking route. We offer kayaking trips from Mstów to Jeziorsko. The lenght of this route is 190km. Behind Działoszyn Warta flows through The Załęczkański Landscape Park and The Landscape Park of Warta and Widawka. The beginning of the trip is also possible on Warta’s left tributary – Liswarta.

Warta kayaking route

The most beautiful part starts behind Działoszyn. It is called Załęczański Łuk Warty. It is really picturesque and very easy. There are plenty of small islands, curves and oxbow lakes.On the river banks you’ll find forests, scarps, ravines, caves and outliers. It is protected as  Załęczański Landscape Park. Below you’ll find the most interesting part of Warta’s kayaking route which combined with Liswarta is a great choice for a kayaking holidays.

The distance

639 km (l) Liswarta estuary, a beautiful spot for camping on the cape,
634,8 km a bridge in Wąsosz, convenient access to the river, a good place to start a kayaking trip even for a large group
630 km Niwiska, go right
628 km Młyn Jelity, go right
627,5 km a railway bridge
626 km (l) Zalesiaki – a private resort Malibu on the river bank
624 km a forking, go right
623 km Działoszyn, an easy portaging over the island next to the bridge
620 km a bridge in Lisowice, a good place for launching
616 km a bridge in Bobrowniki, a grocery shop (visible from the river)300 m before the bridge
604 km a bridge in Załęcze Wielkie, a village and shops on the left
604,5 km (l) a resort Warta
603,5 km r) a scouting resort ZHP Nadwarciański Gród, a small bar next to the resort, (a bar is possible to surmount without leaving a kayak but amateurs can portage next to a wooden mill on the right bank)
591 km a bridge in Kamion village – portaging necessary (r)
587,5 km a bridge in Krzeczów – before the bridge a place to launch (r) behind the bridge a private campsite (l)
585,5 km Łyków – a small, half-ruined bar
577,5 km Borkowo, a bar, portaging (l)
573,5 km a bridge in Osjaków, behind the bridge a place to launch (r)
568 km Wierznica estuary (r)
563,5 km a bridge in Konopnica
559,5 km a bridge in Rychłocice
555 km Jarocice, a bar
541 km Widawka estuary (r) – a kayaking route (Landscape Park of Warta and Widawka Interfluve )
526,5 km Sieradz – a bridge on the route Siaradz-Łódź
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