The rules of renting kayaks/canoes

1. An adult person renting kayaks/ canoes signs RENTING CARD by the river. Fills in their personal data, information about the type and number of the equipment and signs a clause: „ P.T. doesn’t bear the responsibility for the hirer safety. The hirer bears the full responsibility for rented equipment and is obliged to use it properly or cover the costs of losing or destroying any part of the rented equipment”.

2.We rent the kayaks according to the price list published on our web site. The final cost depends on the number of kayaks, the number of days and the distance from our base. The minimal period of time for renting is one day, morning to evening, examples:

  • three hours are treated as one day,
  • kayaks delivered at 2 p.m. and picked up the next day at 1 p.m. are rented for two days,
  • if we deliver kayaks the day before launching out we don’t charge for an extra day.

3.The necessary condition of the reservation is paying an advance described in the confirmation of the reservation. The advance is never more than 30% of estimated total cost. We suggest collecting money from your friends as the number of reserved kayaks and days is obligatory. If you booked 10 kayaks in July for Saturday and Sunday you are going to pay for 10 kayaks, for two days. The kayaking season is short and we can’t afford blocking the equipment, especially during holiday weekends, when there are more interested people than we can serve.

4. We set all the details via e mail or a phonecall while booking the equipment: the number of days, the number of boats, planned route, venue and the time of delivery, car park, any additional equipment, the number of small life vest for kids. On the launching day some of the changes may not be possible. We deal with one person representing the group.

5. The equipment should be returned clean so it can be rented again straight away. We don’t charge extra for cleaning the equipment, we count on following a good kayaking practice.

6. We serve different groups in many different places – we set the time and details so nobody has to wait for us, so please be punctual. We deliver the equipment to certain place at the set time. It is difficult to plan where and when you are going to finish the trip so our drivers await for your call when you are able to predict the place and the time.

7. We offer a parking space free of charge in our base in Jędrzejów. If there are too many people in your group we transfer only the drivers and the rest of the group awaits by the river where you will start the trip. It is also available to park the cars on the farm by the river and it doesn’t cost much. After the trip, we invite the drivers to go in our van, with the equipment to get their cars back. It is free as long as the cars are parked along the way back to our base. We always advise the most comfortable and the cheapest solution.

8. In case of renting the equipment we are no longer „organizing the whole trip” which means we do not provide instructors or the insurance. Organizing the trip, pairing crews, deciding about the boats order, providing safety, keeping the group sober, wearing buoyancy vests are the renting person’s duties.

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