Company trips

15Do you want to integrate your employees?

Do you fancy organizing an event for your clients?

Do you seek for an extraordinary bonus to a training, a seminar or a conference?

Company trips are an offer for companies and institutions. The programme is prepared individually, after receiving information about the client’s expectations, the group’s size, the participants’ age, time to be spend on the river or additional activities.

A kayaking trip is an excellent way to divers a company training. It can also be a great gift or a reward for your employees or clients. Events involving water sports are more than suitable for integrating people. Apart from some elements of competition they consist in cooperation and mutual help.

We also invite teenagers and students. A kayaking trip might be an interesting element of a school trip. In case of school students we recommend the minimum age of 16.

Rivers we offer trips on: Biała Nida, Czarna Nida, Nida, Pilica, Liswarta, Warta, Wierna Rzeka, Lubrzanka, Wisła. Our main base is located in Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship.


Why are our kayaking trips worth joining?

  • Our rivers are as beautiful as the most popular kayaking routes in Poland but aren’t so crowded and only our groups of kayakers stay on our campsites
  • We are much closer to Cracow or Silesia than Augustów and in the South of Poland our offer is the only one
  • We offer a huge number of modern, polythene double seat kayaks and 16 trucks with trailers which means our logistics is probably the best in the country
  • We own a number of campsites along rivers
  • We don’t hire random people, our crew consists of extremely experienced kayakers who are experts in leading groups on such trips
  • We are distinguished by knowledge, experience and passion
  • We are kayakers ourselves so what we do, we do well
  • Our company is fully legitimate, we do have all essential permits, qualifications and authorization including:

– we are registered Polish Travel Agency: you can find us in Rejestr Organizatorów Turystyki i Pośredników Turystycznych no. 86/10, signed by Marszałek Województwa Świętokrzyskiego

– insurance guaranty AXA Towarzystwo Ubezpieczeń i Reasekuracji


We propose several options of trips


A kayaking trip tailored to fit your expectations

– in this case the event is individually prepared just for you. We can organize a kayaking trip on any part of any river with any programme you wish. Choosing the route and the programme we take clients’ preferences, number of people and time a client has to spend into consideration. We also pay attention to participants’ age, their experience, physical condition and expectations.

This option covers a complete set of the equipment (including camping stuff), the logistics, car park space, a professional kayaking training, an insurance, professional guidiance on the river, private camp sites, tourist insurance. We take full responsibility for such a trip. Organizing such a trip we can offer a VAT invoice as travel agency.



Joining one of our organized kayaking trips

– we offer signing to a chosen trip from our summer offer of weekend trips. Each trip has a set schedule and route with a certain package of services. You can choose from four different rivers according to our current schedule.

In case of a large group (min 40 people) we can book the whole trip for you.



Individual kayaks hire

3) – a low-cost version. It is based on renting and transporting kayaks to a chosen part of a river. Of course we are willing to help with planning the whole trip and choosing the appropriate route. We can also add some extra service (e.g. a camp fire) to the base option. In case of kayaks hire we are no longer the manager of the trip so you attend it on your own. For kayaks hire we can offer a VAT invoice.

Price list

We calculate the prices individually.
Please, give as much information as possible (expected range of service, the number of people, the dates, the venue, expected standard of accommodation, the participants’ age, the type of your transportation) in the request for proposal.

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