One-day trips

13One-day kayak trip on Nida River in the middle part of Southern Poland, in Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship. It consists in kayaks hire for a few hours on a certain, set route. We address the offer to all those who are not entirely sold on the idea, those who don’t have much time or to families with small children who are not used to sleeping in tents. It is an opportunity to go kayaking alone without paying much for transportation.

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So, to sum up it is a great idea for everyone who wants to spend just one afternoon in a kayak and doesn’t want to organise the whole trip. Large groups interested in one-day trips are welcome to contact our rental.
The trip’s route is located on Nida River near the route no.7 from Cracow to Warsaw, next to The Chęciny Castle, The Raj Cave, the castle in Sobków and The Heritage Park in Tokarnia. We are ready, waiting for you by the river in Brzegi, on certain Saturdays and Sundays between 11:00 and 12:00 a.m.


We invite everybody to a 15 kilometre part of The Nida River, from Brzegi to Stare Kotlice. That is an icredibly picturesque and varied route leading through meadows, fields and woods. It is worth to stop for lunch or coffee and visit the castle in Sobków in the middle of the day distance. The route is quite easy even for rookies. The river is shallow with sandy bottom and the water is warm so it is perfect for a family trip. There are no portagings on the way. Estimated time for the trip is 3-5 hours.



102,0 km- (r) Brzegi village, a bridge – no.7 route. We start about 400 meters further, on the left bank. You access the starting spot from the route Brzegi – Sobków.
98,0 km- (r) Brzeźno village- a grocery shop, 200m further a railway bridge, underneath go left, next to the reed line
97,5 km- (l) the castle in Sobków- a hotel, a restaurant, a stud farm. A good place for lunch or coffee.
93,0 km- a bridge, (r) Mokrsko village- a grocery shop, ruins of a renaissance residence, next the river flows through the woods. In the village there is a grocery shop, on the right bank, about 200m from the bridge.About 1.5-2 hours left until the end of the trip
88,0 km- (l) Stare Kotlice, after leaving the forest, we paddle for about 15 minutes, we finish on the right bank, on the meadow right behind the farm with wooden fence

Just to be sure: from Mokrsko village the river flows through the woods, we leave the forest and after about 15 minutes on the right, next to the river bank there is a farm with wooden fence. That’s the spot.

The plan of the day

  • Meeting at our starting point in Brzegi between 11.00 and 12.00
  • Parking the cars at our camp site
  • Choosing the equipment, a short briefing about the route and the logistics
  • The beginning of your kayaking trip, you go alone, as fast as you wish
  • Possible break in Sobków or any other place you like
  • The first people at the finish line call our driver
  • Cleaning and packing the kayaks
  • Driver’s return for the cars (if we have enough space we can take everybody in our truck)

Price list

The price for the one-day kayaking trip on The Nida River is from 100 zł per a double seat polythene kayak

The price includes:

  • A polythene double seat kayak
  • Buoyancy vests
  • 2 dr kajak paddles
  • A sponge for cleaning the boat
  • The cost of transportation to the start and from the finish line
  • A laminated map with marked trip’s route (one per kayak)
  • Transfering the drivers for their cars after the trip
  • A seat for a small child who joins the crew as tird (optionally)
  • A dry bag (one per kayak)

Caution! The price doesn’t include any insurance or guidiance.

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How to get there

Brzegi – świętokrzyskie voivodeship, district Jędrzejów, commune Sobków; a village next to no.7 route, about 15km north from Jędrzejów; the starting point is located on the left river bank, about 400m behind the bridge.

Going from Cracow or Jędrzejów – route no S7, direction to Warsaw. Take turning “Brzegi” and  head for Sobków, after going over the bridge turn right to Sobków. After 400m turn right again to a road near the woods leading to the spot by the river.

Going from Warsaw, Kielce – route no S7, direction to Kraków. Take turning “Brzegi” and  head for Sobków, after going over the bridge turn right to Sobków. After 400m turn right again to a road near the woods leading to the spot by the river.

GPS coordinates -50°44’21.8″N 20°25’04.8″E

Googlemaps coordinates – 50.739400, 20.418000

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