What to wear on a kayak trip once again

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What to wear on a kayak trip once again

Lowland kayak rallies are a form of activity practised mainly in summer. So choosing clothing for this kind of trip should not pose any problems. You should, however, pay attention to some important issues.

We usually wear a short-sleeved tee and shorts while paddling. We assume that it is better to sit in wet shorts than in wet long trousers. Today, clothes made from light, synthetic and breathable materials are available on the market. You should have such clothes if you’re planning to go on kayak trips frequently or on a long kayak trip. Remember that fabrics made from natural fibres such as cotton take a very long time to dry, while all synthetic materials dry much more quickly and – just like fleece – keep you warm even if they are wet. Thus sweaters, fleece shirts or jeans are not fit to kayak trips.

When it is hot, you must remember about a cap – preferably with a peak, and sunglasses. Of course you should also take a swimming costume or shorts, but don’t wear them while paddling. If this is your first exposure to sun rays at this time of the year, it may end in severe sunburn, so sunbathe in moderation. You need to bring sun cream with UVA and UVB filters. For a kayak trip, you will need a thin, light tee or a long-sleeved tunic to cover forearms irritated by sun.

Another issue is kayaking shoes. No mules or flip-flops are fit as they tend to swim away when the first opportunity arises. During a rally, it may happen that you will have to get out of the kayak into the water, carry the kayak or pull it on the river. “A quick but surprising falling out of the kayak”, namely a capsize known as “cabin”, may also happen. That’s why it is better to put on stable shoes; sandals are perfectly fit to it, shoes suitable for water sports or even a pair of trainers that you don’t mind getting wet will be perfect as well.

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