Kayak rental

foto-sprzetWe invite everybody to try kayaking in Poland. Especially to experience the beauty, wilderness and charm of The Nida River. Reaching the Vistula River is in a few days paddle range. We can deliver the boats almost anywhere. We mostly hire kayaks in the Świętokrzyskie, Małopolskie, Łódzkie, Śląskie and Mazowieckie Voivodeship (rivers: Nida, Pilica, Warta, Liswarta, Wisła). It means that our rental place is in the middle part of Southern Poland.

We know well the rivers we kayak on as we’ve organized countless number of trips there. We are willing to give advice upon choosing the route as well as the most convenient option of transportation and parking. We own 16 vehicles with kayak trailers, which means we have the best logistics among Polish kayak and canoe hire companies. We deliver the boats to a chosen place on time and after the trip you don’t have to wait for us for hours.

Prices of renting double seat kayaks and canoes

Period of time Mon.-Th. Fri.-Sun.
Polythene double kayak /a day 60 zł 70 zł
Polythene single kayak /a day 50 zł 60 zł
Polythene canoe RIVIERA /a day 70 zł 80 zł
Polythene canoe OLD TOWN /a day 90 zł 100 zł
Attention! Kayak rental for 1 day: only according ONE-DAY TRIP price list. On the dates available on the website, booking is possible from 1 kayak, other dates are possible on request (from 4 kayaks).
Minimal number of hired equipment on weekends (Fri.-Sun.)
Period of time 1 day 2 days 3 days
Minimal number of kayaks or/and canoes check ONE-DAY TRIP 5 pcs. 4 pcs
Minimal number of hired equipment (Mon.-Th.)
Period of time 1 day 2 days over 2 days
Minimal number of kayaks or/and canoes check ONE-DAY TRIP 3 pcs. 2 pcs.

Transportation price (max 13 kayaks or max 8 canoes on one trailer) – 2zł/km (we count the distance to the spot and back to base)

Additional services – prices

A double tent 50zł/ a trip up to 10 days
A dry bag (65 litres) 30zł/ a trip up to 10 days
Luggage transportation (a minivan + a driver) please contact us
Others (e.g. camp fire wood) please contact us

Polythene kayaks PERCEPTION VISTA

    • double seated
    • spacious, open cockpit
    • comfortable, soft seats with folding backs
    • high displacement and steadiness
    • plenty of space for your luggage
    • easy to control, flat bottom with oblong grooves
    • perfect for long kayaking trips
    • lenght: 485cm, width: 82cm, weight: 37kg


Polythene kayaks PRO TOUR 470

  • double seated
  • easy to manoeuvre, stabile, safe
  • comfortable seats with folding backs
  • a plug on the bow for removing water easily
  • hermetic hatch separated from the cockpit
  • stronger hoops of an open cockpit
  • higher sides allow heavy loading
  • perfect for weekend kayaking trips
  • lenght: 470cm, width: 78cm, weight: 39kg

Polythene double-seated kayaks SPRINTER II LIFT

  • double-seated
  • footrests zig-zag
  • a possibility of putting in a third seat for a child
  • a map holder on the bow
  • lenght: 4,25m
  • width: 0,80m
  • weight: 37kg

Single kayak SMART XL

  • polythene
  • lenght: 3,85m
  • width: 0,68m
  • weight: 25 kg
  • luggage hatch separated from the cockpit by a bulkhead
  • map holder on the bow
  • comfortable cockpit
  • Available only at our base in Jędrzejów

Polythene canoes RIVIERA ROTOMOD

  • withstands rocky bottoms well, recommended for more demanding trails
  • lenght: 4,64m
  • width: 0,90m
  • weight: 43 kg
  • three comfortable seats
  • Available only at our base in Jędrzejów


Polythene canoes OLD TOWN PENOBSCOT 174

  • top expedition canoe, extremely spacious and comfortable
  • two wooden benches with sackcloth seats, handles on the bow and on the stern
  • symetrical hull, polythene ribs
  • plenty of space for the luggage- capacity over 650kg
  • made with three layers polythene (sandwich technology)
  • perfect for long trips with your dog, your cat and your fish tank
  • lenght: 530cm, width: 92cm, weight: 37kg
  • Available only at our base in Jędrzejów

Dry bags

  • dry bag
  • capacity 65 litres


Kayaks and canoes transportation prices

  • The transportation price (max 13 kayaks on one trailer, max 8 canoes on a trailer) is 2zł/kilometer.
  • We charge for the actual mileage – approach and return to base.
  • We deliver kayaks from our base in Jędrzejów near Kielce.
  • If you want to hire kayaks and canoes, please call and make sure that transporting both is technically possible on one trailer.

Example prices :

Biała Nida Name of the place Mniszek (121,5) Bizoręda (115) Wymysłów (109) Chojny (106,5) Żerniki (103)
Price 50 zł 80 zł 120 zł 80 zł 80 zł
Czarna Nida Name of the place Marzysz (137,5) Morawica (127,5) Ostrów (117,5) Tokarnia (108)
Price 200 zł 140 zł 100 zł 90 zł
po połączeniu Białej z Czarną
Name of the place Brzegi (102) Mokrsko (99) Kotlice (88) Rębów (82,5) Pińczów (64) Chroberz (46)  Wiślica (26) Nowy Korczyn (5)
Price 70 zł 60 zł 80 zł 80 zł  100 zł  140 zł 200 zł 240 zł
Pilica Name of the place Maluszyn (238) Krzętów (220) Przedbórz (202) Sulejów (157)
Price 240 zł 280 zł 300 zł 400 zł

The rules of renting kayaks/canoes

  1. An adult person renting kayaks/ canoes signs RENTING CARD by the river. Fills in their personal data, information about the type and number of the equipment and signs a clause: „ P.T. Kajakiem.pl doesn’t bear the responsibility for the hirer safety. The hirer bears the full responsibility for rented equipment and is obliged to use it properly or cover the costs of losing or destroying any part of the rented equipment”.
  2. We rent the kayaks according to the price list published on our web site. The final cost depends on the number of kayaks, the number of days and the distance from our base. The minimal period of time for renting is one day, morning to evening, examples:
    • three hours are treated as one day,
    • kayaks delivered at 2 p.m. and picked up the next day at 1 p.m. are rented for two days,
    • if we deliver kayaks the day before launching out we don’t charge for an extra day.
  3. The necessary condition of the reservation is paying an advance described in the confirmation of the reservation. The advance is never more than 30% of estimated total cost. We suggest collecting money from your friends as the number of reserved kayaks and days is obligatory. If you booked 10 kayaks in July for Saturday and Sunday you are going to pay for 10 kayaks, for two days. The kayaking season is short and we can’t afford blocking the equipment, especially during holiday weekends, when there are more interested people than we can serve.
  4. We set all the details via e mail or a phonecall while booking the equipment: the number of days, the number of boats, planned route, venue and the time of delivery, car park, any additional equipment, the number of small life vest for kids. On the launching day some of the changes may not be possible. We deal with one person representing the group.
  5. The equipment should be returned clean so it can be rented again straight away. We don’t charge extra for cleaning the equipment, we count on following a good kayaking practice.
  6. We serve different groups in many different places – we set the time and details so nobody has to wait for us, so please be punctual. We deliver the equipment to certain place at the set time. It is difficult to plan where and when you are going to finish the trip so our drivers await for your call when you are able to predict the place and the time.
  7. We offer a parking space free of charge in our base in Jędrzejów. If there are too many people in your group we transfer only the drivers and the rest of the group awaits by the river where you will start the trip. It is also available to park the cars on the farm by the river and it doesn’t cost much. After the trip, we invite the drivers to go in our van, with the equipment to get their cars back. It is free as long as the cars are parked along the way back to our base. We always advise the most comfortable and the cheapest solution.
  8. In case of renting the equipment we are no longer „organizing the whole trip” which means we do not provide instructors or the insurance. Organizing the trip, pairing crews, deciding about the boats order, providing safety, keeping the group sober, wearing buoyancy vests are the renting person’s duties.

Picking up the kayaks on call!
We are flexible – the routes are just a suggestion. If you wish to finish in a different place – just call us from the river.
We can get to any place where the road is.

Ask/ Book

Example routes


Is an option for those who has never kayak before. That is the easiest part of the river without obstacles or dangerous spots. The river is shallow all the way with sandy bottom and the water is clear and warm. On the way you can visit a castle in Sobków with a nice restaurant.

Start: Brzegi (102 km)
Finish: Stare Kotlice (86,5 km)
Lenght: 15 km
Time: 3-5 h
Number of constant portagings: 0
Difficulty: easy
Price PER KAYAK: according ONE-DAY TRIP price list

Biała Nida i Nida

Excellent idea for two days in a kayak. A bit of hacking through the bushes, a bit of woods and a bit of sweet laziness. Sometimes it is narrow, sometimes it is wide. Picturesque, diverse, wild. We can recommend this route as one of our favourite.

Start: Mniszek (121 km)
Finish: Mokrsko (93 km)
Lenght: 28 km
Time: 2 days
Number of constant portagings: 0
Difficulty: medium
Price of transport: from 110 zł


An easy route, recommended for beginners.

Start: Maluszyn (238 km)
Finish: Przedbórz (202 km)
Lenght: 36 km
Time: 2 days
Number of constant portagings: 0
Difficulty: easy
Price of transport: from 540 zł

Czarna Nida i Nida

One of the most beautiful parts of the Nida River. If you don’t like it we will be depressed and we’ll stop organizing kayaking trips forever. We are helpless trying to answer an eternal question „Which river is more beautiful Biała or Czarna Nida?”. We just can’t say. The best solution is to kayak on both and decide for yourself.

Start: Ostrów (117,5 km)
Finish: Stare Kotlice (88 km)
Lenght: 29,5 km
Time: 2 days
Number of constant portagings: 1
Difficulty: medium
Price of transport: from 180 zł

Biała Nida, Nida, Wisła

Highly recommended route for longer journeys. Starts with a narrow passage of The Biała Nida River and ends with an epic flourish of the Vistula River. A very interesting river, plenty of sights to see ashore on the way. Sightseeing in Sobków, Pińczów, Chroberz or Wiślica might be a nice break from paddling. There are no problems with camping in the wild.

Start: Mniszek (121 km)
Finish: Szczucin (194 km)
Lenght: 140 km
Time: 7 days
Number of constant portagings: 3
Difficulty: medium
Price of transport: from 300 zł

Lubrzanka, Czarna Nida, Nida

If you’re not afraid of carrying a kayak over some obstacles and you value beautiful, wild routes, you should start your trip on the Lubrzanka River. First part is a little rough, later on you kayak on the Nida River – one of the most popular kayaking routes in Poland. On the way, you pass a lot of places worth visiting, located ashore- heritage park in Tokarnia, a castle in Sobków, Pińczów. There might be problems in finding accommodation but there are plenty of wild clearings suitable for camping.

Start: Suków Papiernia (141,5 km)
Finish: Wiślica (26 km)
Lenght: 115,5 km
Time: 6 days
Number of constant portagings: 8
Difficulty: medium
Price of transport: from 400 zł


A route perfect for rookies also with little children. The river flows in a natural valley, through two landscape parks. The river bed is very diverse and the water is clear and shallow. On this part of the Pilica River there are no major obstacles. You can finish the trip on Zalew Sulejowski – reservoir in Sulejów.

Start: Maluszyn (238 km)
Finish: Sulejów (157 km)
Lenght: 81 km
Time: 4 days
Number of constant portagings: 0
Difficulty: easy
Price of transport: from 640 zł

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