Nida is a 151 kilometers long left-bank tributary of the Vistula River. It is located in the middle part of Southern Poland, in Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship, between Cracow and Warsaw. Maximum depth is rarely more than 1 meter. Nida is a typically flat water river with rather indolent flow. It meanders strongly from time to time, creates small islands, coves, oxbows. It flows among hills, woods, meadows and fields. The valley of Nida River is a paradise for many rare plants and animals preserved in landscape parks, nature reserves and Natura 2000 zone. Nida is created by two source – rivers: Biała Nida and Czarna Nida. Both of them are perfect for touring kayaking. Nida is a spine of  Ponidzie  – the area which is attractive because of its nature as well as history.


The kayaking route on Nida River

On the kayaking route there are very few obstacles: a few bars, small rapids, ruins of old water-mills, fallen tree trunks. Overpassing them is quite easy and makes the trip more interesting. In some sectors, especially during very hot summers, grindings and shoals may occure. Only in few places you have to carry the kayaks over by land. The kayaking route on Nida River is not burdensome, easy and very picturesque. Warm and clear water and sandy bottom are perfect for swimming. Charming nooks invite to camping. One of the greatest advantage of Ponidzie is a small number of kayakers which guarantees privacy.

The distance

121,5 km START Mniszek on Biała Nida, a bridge – route no. 728 Jędrzejów – Małogoszcz, kayaking trips start before the bridge, the cars may be left on a farm in a water-mill (l), the nearest grocery shop is in Lipnica, 2 km towards Małogoszcz.
121,0 km (r)’s camp-site in a small pine wood
119,5 km (l) the estuary of Lipnica River
117,0 km (l) an old, wooden water-mill on an island, a footbridge (depending om the water level it might be necessary to drift the boats underneath
115,0 km (r) the river gets closer to a road, a convenient spot for a break, a grocery shop in a nearby village Bizorenda
114,8 km a concrete bridge, the river starts to meander strongly
109,0 km (l) the estuary of Wierna Rzeka
108,0 km a small bar, 200 m of a stone grinding, (l)’s camp-site
106,5 km Chojny Village, a road bridge, behind it (r) ruins of a water-mill, a passable right arm with a strong current a a small rapid
103,0 km a metal footbridge, a wide ford, a pretty view on Chęciny castle’s ruins, (r) Żerniki village, a convenient spot for ending a one-day trip
102,7 km (l) the estuary of Czarna Nida River – further you go on Nida River kayaking route
140,5 km START (l) Suków Papiernia, the begining of the kayaking route on Lubrzanka, one of the sources rivers of the Czarna Nida River
137,5 Marzysz, Lubrzanka and Belnianka joining, the begining of Czarna Nida
136,4 km (l) Marzysz Młyny, a portaging before the bridge, paddle the right arm
134,0 km (r) Kuby Młyny- a portaging, paddle the left arm
128,4 km (r) Bieleckie Młyny- a portaging to the left arm
127,5 km (l) Morawica on Czarną Nidą , a portaging to the right arm, a bridge on Kielce-Chmielnik route, a convenient spot for launching off under the bridge
123,5 km a railway bridge
120,0 km (r) Nida village, a footbridge
117,5 km (r)’s camp site
117,3 km a bridge (r) Ostrów village, a grocery shop and Ptasi Azyl- Wild Animals Rescue Centre
114,5 km a railway bridge, behind it a mill-race, paddle left
112,5 km (l) a mill in Wolicy, a portaging on the right bank, behind the mill a few rapids
108,0 km a bridge on thr route no. 7 from Kielce to Kraków- during dry summer floating the boats is necessary
106,0 km (l) a hill Tokarnia with a Heritage Park - Muzeum Wsi Kieleckiej
102,7 km Biała and Czarna Nidy joining, further you go on Nida River kayaking route
102,0 km a bridge on route no. 7, piles under the bridge, 400m behind it (l)’s camp site
98,0 km a railway bridge, paddle left, (r) Brzeźno village- a grocery shop, 200m further, (r)’s camp site
97,5 km (l) the castle in Sobków- a hotel, a restaurant, a stud farm. A good place for lunch or coffee.
93,0 km a bridge, (r) Mokrsko village- a grocery shop, ruins of a renaissance residence, next the river flows through the woods. In the village there is a grocery shop, on the right bank, about 200m from the bridge.
88,0 km (l) Stare Kotlice village, a good place to finish the trip
82,5 km Rębów- a dam with a hydroelectric power station, a portaging on the left bank
80,5 km a concreto bar, a portaging necessary
80,0 km a bridge, a small rapid, piles, (r) Motkowice village – a grocery shop
79,0 km a railway bridge
77,0 km a samll railway bridge, 500m further a small bridge
74,5 km a dangerous rapid, 100m further a bar with a strong towback. Attention! Both obstacles must be carried over on the bank.
71,5 km a bridge, (r) Sobowice, a few small bars ahead – no portagings needed
67,0 km (r) estuary of Mierzawa River
64,0 km a bridge next to flying club, (l) Pińczów
57,0 km (r) Kowala village, a rope dangling from one bank to another
51,0 km (l) Krzyżanowice, a holiday resort another rope dangling from one bank to another
46,0 km a bridge, piles underneath, (r) Chroberz village- a grocery shop, before the bridge (r) a camp site, behind the bridge (r) agroturism farm – possible accommodation
41,5 km (r) Nieprowice, a bridge
30,0 km (r) Jurków, possible camping spot by the ford, a grocery shop in the village
26,0 km a bridge on the route from Wiślica to Koniecmosty, a few hundret metres further (l) a camp site near sights in Wiślica
15,0 km (r) Czarkowy- a bridge
13,5 km (r) Żukowice- a bridge
10,0 km (r) Stary Korczyn, a bridge
5,0 km (l) Nowy Korczyn, Attention – piles!!!
0,0 km Nida estuary, further you paddle on the Vistula River
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