What should I bring for a kayak trip?

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What should I bring for a kayak trip?

The list of things you should bring for a kayak trip largely depends on whether it is an individual trip or a trip organised by a specialised company. If it is the latter, you must check what is provided by the event organiser. E.g. if the price includes wood for the campfire, you don’t need to take a small axe. Kayak trips vary in terms of baggage transport. If a minibus is provided to follow the participants, you can take slightly more things and pack them slightly less competently. If you’re going to kayak with your belongings, you have to protect them properly against water and, above all, make sure that when you pack them into the kayak, there will be still some place left for you. For kayak trips, you bring things such as

– a tent (preferably the small IGLO; ONE SECOND tents have become popular recently, but when folded they are too big to pack them into a kayak; if your baggage is transported along the bank, its size is not that important) or a groundsheet

– a sleeping bag (the parameters should be appropriate for the season)

– a foam mattress, a self-pumping mat or a mattress

– a tourist cylinder with a burner

– matches or lighters

– a water container

– a camping shovel

– a small axe

– a torch

– a mess tin, a mug, cutlery, a good knife

– mosquito repellents

– a first-aid kit

– sun accessories (sun cream, a cap, sunglasses)

– garbage bags

– hermetic packages, in particular for keys, your mobile, documents and money

– shoes (sandals for the kayak, covered shoes for the campsite)

– a swimming costume

– camping clothing and nightclothes (including a fleece jacket and a raincoat that are a must)

– toiletries

– maps, guidebooks

– musical instruments

– a ball, cards, a book

– a camera

– food and beverages

When packing things for a kayak rally, remember that we won’t pass a shopping centre and that is as sure as eggs is eggs. That’s why you can’t forget about the basic equipment. On the other hand, the capacity of kayaks is limited, so leave the things that are unnecessary or large at home.

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