Which kayak trip should I choose?

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Which kayak trip should I choose?

A guided or individual kayak trip? In recent years kayaking has become more popular as it is a cheap form of active tourism. Many companies that provide both fully guided kayak trips and kayak rentals have been established. Each of these companies determines its package of services under a specific name. Below is an overview of services provided by Check which kayak trip you should choose.

Guided kayak trips are tourist events organised by the travel agency 

gwarancja logo orange Travel agency guarantee means that has entered the Register of Tour Operators kayaking fees for guided kayak trips are covered by a guarantee and if the travel agency becomes insolvent, such fees are refunded from the guarantee through the Marshall of the Świętokrzyskie Province.
Note: some companies say they organise kayak trips but in fact they only rent kayaks, as they are not tour operators. – Check that before going on a trip!


  • a very convenient solution, in particular for those who are not overjoyed about puzzling over how – when the kayak trip ends – to get to their cars that were left somewhere up the river, where to stay overnight, how to plan the route, what to do with the baggage and supplies, with whom to travel
  • a good option for those who have never paddled before, they will certainly benefit from the training held prior to the kayak trip and the constant presence of the qualified staff;
  • during guided kayak trips,every detail is planned and well-thought-out: the trail, the car park, the camp, the campfire, garbage, baggage transport, insurance, etc.;
  • everyone will find something interesting; the description of each kayak trip contains a travel plan and the information about what is included in the price – the price is per person;
  • types of guided kayak trips available:
    • weekend kayak trips – the most popular because they are short and you don’t have to take a leave; we arrive on Friday, after work, and paddle on Saturday and Sunday; depending on the time, four trails of different difficulty level are available as well as special options, for example for families with kids or for singles;
    • 6-days kayak trips – an interesting idea for holidays in the kayak, in particular we recommend the one-week kayak trip on the Nida River where your baggage is transported along the bank and you can explore the world from the kayak without having to worry about your belongings getting wet; we arrive on Sunday and paddle from Monday to Friday;
    • long weekend kayak trips – weekend kayak trips with an additional day, as the name suggests these kayak trips are held during long summer weekends such as the Feast of Corpus Christi;
    • corporate kayak trips – on special request, we can organise a kayak trip for a sufficiently big group at any time, the price for these trips is calculated individually;
  • easy to book,you choose the date and the kayak trip you want, book the trip and receive a booking confirmation; next, you pay an advance and go on the kayak trip;
  • for experienced kayakers, the necessity of adjusting yourself to the trip programme, the trail, the accommodation planned in advance and to the paddling pace of other kayakers in the group may be a disadvantage of guided kayak trips.

Hiring kayaks, namely individual kayak trips

  • You can travel with your own friends and decide by yourself about the distance you will cover each day, and you can stay overnight anywhere you want.
  • You can hire kayaks in our kayak rental we deliver and collect them in any place, on any river you want.
  • This type of kayak trips requires at least minimum kayaking experience. You have to know how to pack a kayak, select crews, and determine the order of the kayaks. Those hiring the kayaks are responsible for safety during the kayak rally. Instead, you are fully independent.
  • The final price several elements, the basic ones are: the kayak hire cost (kayak hire price x number of kayaks x number of days) and the cost of kayak transport to the spot where the kayak trip starts and ends, it depends on the number of kilometres travelled, you must take into account additional expenses such as car park, camp, wood for the campfire, baggage transport service, etc.
  • Travelling with baggage in the kayaks and the cost of kayak transport, which depends on the kilometres travelled, not on the amount of equipment on the trailer, can be a disadvantage, in particular for small groups;
  • in the case of very small groups that are planning a short kayak trip, it may be impossible to hire kayaks because they don’t meet the requirement to hire the minimum number of kayaks for a specific period of time;
  • independence is sometimes a drawback if the group is not able to choose their leader who would represent them all and make decisions.

One-day kayak trips involve hiring kayaks for several hours on a specific trail.

  • If you choose this type of kayak trip you can’t change the trail, but you don’t bear any additional transport costs.. This is a perfect solution for individual tourists as well as beginners, as the trail is selected in such a way so that everybody can handle it.
  • you can even hire only one kayak
  • easy and quick booking, just choose the date on the website
  • however, everybody is travelling on their own responsibility and should know the basic safety rules because unforeseeable circumstances can always occur, e.g. a fallen tree on the trail or a capsize

Corporate kayak trips, namely trips organised on request with the program you want, on the part of the river you want.

  • It is an option for big groups. These are trips tailored to the group’s expectations, the number of participants and the amount of time available. E.g. a corporate kayak trip can contain 4 hours on the water and additionally a bonfire party. Of course we provide insurance, training, instructors and all other formal requirements which should be met by every Tour Operator. The minimum number of participants for these kayak trips is 20.



Guided kayak trips are recommended to tourists who value comfort or to those planning their kayak debut. Hiring a kayak is an option for more experienced kayakers who know how to kayak alone. Kayak trips on request  are provided mainly for companies and institutions that want to organise a safe trip according to their own guidelines and are looking for a company that holds all the permissions required by law, including the Entry to the Register of Tour Operators. One-day kayak trips are short kayak trips on a specific trail, in this way everybody can go and see whether this kind of active tourism is suitable for him/her.


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