Wierna Rzeka

Wierna Rzeka is 37,5 km long left tributary of Biała Nida. It used to have four different names: Lasocina, Łososina, Łosośna i Łośna. It got a new name after Stefan Żeromski published his famous novel entitled Wierna Rzeka, describing the beauty and charm of the river.  The river is extraordinarily lovely with numerous curves, gorges and diversified banks. Many fallen tree trunks evidence its natural, untouched character and guarantee a lot of fun. Paddling Wierna Rzeka we reach Biała Nida, which joins Czarna Nida after a few kilometers and forms the longest river of świętokrzyskie voivodeship.


Wierna Rzeka kayaking route

Unfortunately, only a dozen kilometers of lower Wierna Rzeka is available for kayaking. You can start the trip in Wierna Rzeka village or from Brogowica reservoir. Kayaking down the river you will have to portage the kayak a few times and during a dry summer there might be a very low level of water. It is also possible to start the trip a bit lower, in a resort Ptaszyniec in Bocheniec village. Accomodation, food and a car park are available in the resort. Wierna Rzeka kayaking route is a good idea for those who are not afraid of hopping off and on the kayak.

The distance

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